Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Josh's Top List of 2010

And with no ado whatsoever, here are some top lists for last year. I'm going to see if I can't collect these from some of our Total Fest organizers!

Bassholes: And Without A Name LP (Columbus Discount)
Don Howland's records keep getting better, spookier and more excellent and time goes by.

Kieltolaki LP (Feral Ward)
Finnish hardcore done so well it's unfunny.

Kvoteringen LP (Feral Ward)
Swedish harcore done so well it's unfunny.

White Shit: Sculpted Beef (PPM)
For a one-sided 12", this thing packs in adventure, Jim Morrison references and plugs four of my favorite musicians into a single, ripping band.

Fleshies: Brown Flag LP (Recesss)
Who knew this killer band was still killing?

Omar Khorshid LP (reissued material by Sublime Frequencies)
Offers crucial pre-surf, and showcases Arab guitar at its absolute finest.

Fist City: LP (Deadbeat)
Southern Albertans whose sound is as rurally-isolated, beautiful, and frustrated as Lethbridge.

Harvey Milk: Small Turn of Human Kindness LP (Hydrahead)
Not rock whatsoever, but good in spite.

the Lights: Failed Graves LP (Wantage)
Jangle-jangle donk, jangle-jangle donk. Rhyming choruses... the formula is unchanged and perfect.

Japanther: Rock N' Rolle Ice Cream (Menlo Park)
My soft spot for Japanther's pop is real, and their pop keeps improving.

Shahs: Dry Heat/Valley Low (Riley Bushman) LP
One man and a tropical, washy mission.

Post Regiment: Czarly reissue LP (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
Polski punk at its finest.

White Lung: CD (Derranged)
Canadienski punk at its finest.

Bird's Mile Home LP (Minor Bird)
Missoula's only 12" in ... what, 4 years? A fist pumper.

Child Abuse: Cut and Run CD (Lovepump)
Lightning Bolt's estranged west coast cousins? Or is it just a west coast label?

Broken Water: Whet LP (Radio Is Down)
Great, slow, enveloping rock and roll music.

Konono #1: Assume Crash Position (Crammed)
Congolese all-stars continue to thwack at their likembes.

Custody Battle 10" (Morning Star Tapes)
My sleeper hit record of 2010.

AFCGT CD (Sub Pop)
A-Frames dudes, Climax Golden Twins dudes. A one time collab? Who cares.

1776 12" EP (Aerodrome)
Federation X fix, four songs worth anyway.

Mordecai CDR (Self-released, LP soon on Killer Tree)
Rock a rolla from the caustic, environmentally-troubled part of the state.

Ohsees @ the BSMT
Capricorn Vertical Slum: Live at
Broken Water @ the ZACC
Warcry @ Total Fest IX
Night of Joy @ Total Fest IX