Friday, March 25, 2011

Submission Deadline Approaches!!

Hey Total World,

In spite of this drab March 25th, April will still come (if we allow ourselves to believe in calendars). April means that the submission deadline for Total Fest X is a week from today! Grab your puffy envelopes, your sharpies, your rolls of penny stamps and send it in already! We're super excited and determined to make Number 10 one of the most memorable Total Fests to date, and we'd be saddened if you somehow missed out. We look forward to this part of the planning process so do whatever it takes -- stalk that mail carrier, push yourself to the front of the line, etc. -- to drop it in the mail:

Wantage USA Attn. Total Fest X Submissions
P.O. Box 8681
Missoula, MT 59807

Monday, March 7, 2011


Neighbors be damned, the lads of Godammitboyhowdy didn't even get to play their own record release show the other night at the Bike Doctor! That didn't stop me from picking up a copy of this new 7" of theirs, it's a white hot artifact, and in two days time, I've played it more times already than I can recount.

Part East Bay '89, part pow-wow, part
rural punk, this thing has got personality and guts in spades. It's all the things a perfect punk 7" should be: loud, fast, and memorable. Godammitboyhowdy has played a couple of Total Fests, and there are few things not to like about 'em.

We've got them for sale over at