Monday, February 14, 2011


2011 will mark the tenth year we will have gotten all Total out here, and to celebrate, we're working on some extra-ambitious stuff. More on that soon, but for now, let's just commence the accepting of applications. We want you. Deadline: April 1, 2011. Here's what an application looks like:

1) A good recording, CDRs are fine, of three or four songs that best represent your band. One CD is fine. Electronic submissions are a hassle for us, so don't email us saying "Bro! Just go head and go to our myspace page. It's all there." We are old, weird, "traditional" folks for whom computers, MP3s and the like still are confusing and frightening.

2) A promise that you understand that by applying, you're holding onto the days of August 18-20, 2011 and not simultaneously figuring out how to do 16 other things simultaneously.

2.5) Some type of paragraph explaining your deal. Who are you? Where do you live? Why do you play tunes? Why do you like the Pink Fairies and Karp? We don't need a long list of the bands you've played with, but we like context, and if a decent writer has written about your band, that'd be a nice thing to get.

3) Good contact information for you (i.e. a single contact person for your band, a good phone number and email address).

4) Your patience. We will listen to everything we get, discuss it, give it a fair shake and decide upon the bands and artists that most help us with our mission of Totality. Totally. Thank you.


Wantage USA Attn. Total Fest X Submissions
P.O. Box 8681
Missoula, MT 59807