Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thunderbroom spiel Mascis Iggy Stooge Asheton Dwyer. California. Uber alles. Double Nickels. The Master's Bedroom.

This is what's happening in Missoula next week. If you're a punk/psych fan, it's fuckin' Christmas. Mike Watt and the Missing Men are rad. And they play Monday October 1st at Zoo City Apparel. Their most recent work is a short-songed ode to a Hieronymus Bosch painting. Seriously. And it's good. Not ponderous or noodling. Succinct and on. Gonna rule. And this week, the guys playing bass for the Stooges in Florence, Italy this week. Mike Watt of course played bass for the Minutemen, a band whose The Punchline record I only continue to grow an appreciation for. They fuckin' Jammed Econo, and wrote the book on being friends, and a band in that order.

Then, on October 2nd thee Oh Sees play with Sic Alps also at Zoo City. Both are good bands. Sic Alps are a washed out blast of who-cares-what-audiences-think psychedelia, with a kind of self-containedness and vibe you don't experience this far out of the '90s, man. The Oh Sees are great. You know 'em. Mostly because of Brigid. Who's Yin gives the band it's yang, or less hippier, whose melodies basically make the stuff sublime. Sorry to be gushy. it's just true. Radical Missoula groups Shahs, back to a two-piece. and Needlecraft, now with a bassist! open.

Tickets for both shows are at Ear Candy and Zoo City Apparel. Both are all-ages. Ye' of fewer years, get out in force, please.