Monday, April 11, 2016


Absu. Nuff said.
Everybody knows Marty, he's a show booking powerhouse, his baseball cap is rakishly allowed to be off-center, and he's a big part of keeping independent rock and roll happening in Missoula. This week, there are two pretty sweet shows happening, thanks to Party-Marty, the M-Dawg, uh, Minor Bird Records: Missoula's getting its first ever taste of Absu and I think our third visit from Divers.

First up, Tuesday, April 12th legendary Texan deathmetalers Absu bring their decidedly brutal rage to town, and to the Palace in particular. Pre-sale tickets are available from Ear Candy in Missoula, and a good chunk of them will be kept at the door for y'all coming in from other places. Zebulon Kosted, Judgment Hammer and Shramana open.

Divers. Slightly more said.
Next up, Divers were lots of folks sleeper hit of the last Total Fest. They have that special psy-band vibe, that comes from too much van time, too much time smelling each other's feet etc. And they just kick it out. Kind of like I imagine the Replacements did in their heyday.

Divers play Thursday, April 14 with VTO, Wojtek and Sunraiser open. It happens at the VFW bar.

Missoula, get to 'em.