Sunday, October 26, 2008

Across Endless Grassy Plains High Up In the Desert Mountains.
I can't stop listening to this new USAISAMONSTER record. It's called Space Programs and is predictably about American Indians, utopian futures, Nordic explorers and other stuff of that nature. Unpredictably, this record is their most cohesive yet. I'm a fan of this band and have been for the past 6 years. "Cohesive" might not be the word I'm looking for, they've never wanted for cohesion, but this thing has a nonlinear, damn near Malian sort of flow to it that is totally mesmerizing and classic. It's got synthesizer, beautiful vocal harmonies, and their patented octavey, hammering and triumphantly weaving deal. It also has a song called Cocaine Wedding.

They are on tour now, and the record is available from their label, Load.

Other things on the recent playlist: Miss Lana Rebel, Japanther, Harvey Milk, Gauze, Filth Matress, Group Inerane, Bridgebuilder.

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