Sunday, February 15, 2009

Total Fest VIII Submissions: Open
Total Fest VIII (yes, vee-eye-eye-eye, ocho, vosim) will bust-free on August 20-22, 2009 in scenic Missoula, Montana. We've officially opened the submission floodgates. Commence flooding.

To submit, we need a few things from you:
1) A good recording, CDRs are fine, of three or four songs that best represent your band. One CD is fine. Electronic submissions are a hassle for us, so don't email us saying "just go to our myspace, dude. It's all there." We are old, traditional, luddites who like the U.S. Mail, CD players and tactile experiences.
2) Some type of one sheet explaining your deal. Who you are, where you live, whether or not you like Queen. We don't need a long list of the bands you've played with, but if a decent writer has written about your band, that's a helpful thing for us to have.
3) Good contact information for you (i.e. a phone and email address).
4) Your patience. We will listen to everything we get, discuss it, give it a fair shake and decide upon the bands and artists that most help us with our mission of Totality. Totally. Thank you.

Send to:
Wantage USA Attn. Total Fest VIII Submissions
P.O. Box 8681
Missoula, MT 59807


can't-type sandwich said...

My band has a bunch of one- to four-second songs that can't be meaningfully captured by standard recording equipment. Can I get the CDR requirement waived?

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

The (WORLD FAMOUS) Lamborghiniz Crew just sent you a party in a package. Do not open unless you want to get CRUNKED up!