Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Do you know about Buzludza in Bulgaria? It's a worth looking up thing, if you're at all into Hothian
architecture, abandoned soviet era stuff, and massive public works projects that seem to serve exactly no current purpose. Also, it's kind of nice to say the word "Buzludza."

Missoula's Oll Breds are band that came onto my radar only pretty recently when their kind of outsider pop/garage two-piece whatever rock and roll just started to take over my mind. I saw them first only in the late spring of this year, and I think they'd been playing for at least the previous year. Something about the sound of "bread" in a band name really can apparently hit a nerve with me. Can't help but think of the multi-platinum selling, dollar bin cluttering 70s soft (not-quite) rock dentist office hitmakers in the band Bread. You know how there are certain smells you associate with things and they're totally powerful? Like, you associate the smell of weakly made Maxwell House with uh, having to go to church maybe. Well, seeing  a Best of Bread LP at a thrift store is one of those things that happens at least twice a year, and it always has that subconscious-triggering bummer effect on me. I know it's not really logical, but who said being a music fan had anything to do with logic? And, the fact that I associate Bread with the nitrusy smell of dentist's offices, and by default don't like any music with the sound of "bread" anywhere near it isn't wholly illogical. So what's actually the deal with these Oll Breds?

I don't actually know a ton of the back story, man, but I saw them play a riveting kind-of-Modern-Loversy with kind of a little-bit-Richard-Helly-vocals set that stuck with me hard a couple months ago. Nice simple chord progressions, good tones and  that's about all I need to be stoked about a band, I guess. This (below) live recording of Leave Across America (song starts after about a minute) kind of captures it best, I think. And it has some nice Osprey baseball footage. Their internet presence (and that of their members) consists of about six kind of random, impenetrable things, which tells me they don't give a damn about making music for anybody but themselves, which is nice.

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