Monday, August 18, 2008

Total Fest VII: Arrr, We Miss Ye Already.
Big ol' heartfelt Missoula thank yous to everybody who made Total Fest what it was, and if you ask us, it was excellent. Three days of music, food, catching up with and meeting new friends, music, records, river, music and good times came to a close right around 1:45AM Sunday

(Dennis Lynch: Total Emcee and the Juveniles: Total Leadoff Hitters)

morning with the last Federation X note. I'll save the writing about things to others like Jeff from Rad Touch/the Stranger, and Becky from Dog Dick and Denver, and hope that you'll schedule us now for for August 2009. Our goals are 1) to continue and 2) to continuously improve, so thanks again to everybody made it happen, made it fun and who contributed something. Here are a couple of links to some of the online debriefery (and in the case of Black Elk, take that literally).

The Stranger's Out of Town blog
Becky Hensley's Release the Kraken blog


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Ah! Thanks for the shout out, Total Fest!


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