Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Total Merch: Back in Print.
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We've heard from a lot of folks that we should've made more Total Fest VII shirts. Therefore, in one week's time, we're going to re-burn the back, and print up whatever folks ask for. If you'd like one of these, you can paypal 12 bucks (we've got postage to consider here) via the site. Include what style (women's, uni) and size (sm, m, l, xl) you'd like. These are American Apparel shirts and the first 20 orders get a Total Fez and a patch free. First come, first-served.

Hopefully this isn't coming off like the crass commercialism that it probably is, but you know, folks want shirts, folks get shirts. You got a problem w. that, you take up w. the boss.

The pictue above features one of these shirts on Farah (from the Miss Lana Rebel band), thanks to Chris La Tray for the picture!


Hollie said...
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Hollie said...

This might be a better link for my photos:
Totalfest VII

And I'll get more up soon.