Thursday, March 25, 2010

If you're an alumnus/alumna of Total Fest, you know that hanging out, checking in, talking, catching up, getting to know, joking, laughing, eating food, offering beer to dogs, and shooting a potato gun named (unoficial TF mascot) Donny America are all activities on equal par with enjoying rad tunes by great bands. Total Fest is a social, community event that takes its fun as seriously as its music. This is the internet debut of Andy Smetanka's Total Fest Forever, a piece of work spanning what looks like largely Total Fests III, IV and V, and maybe some VI, back in 2003-2006. The music accompanying it's from the excellent Cajun Gems from Portland. Cajun Gems are exactly one half of the Joggers, we think. Ben Whitesides and Darrell Bourque if we're remembering correctly.

People we immediately recognize in the film include: Niki, Becky, Joanna, Justin, Jim, Lana, Jeff, P.J., Bill, Craig, Sean, Colin, Lana, Sharif, Coady, Jared, Britany, Beau, Joey, Wendy, Lou, Kyril, Lindy, Suzanne, Linda, Bacon, Bryan, Milli, Count, Matt, Kelly, Ian, Syd, Doug, Jen, Don, Justin, John, and Cristina.

Bands: the Narrows, Last of the Juanitas, the Lights, Big Business, International Playboys, Yakima Nation, Federation X, Volumen, Fireballs of Freedom, Mico De Noche

Who's missing?