Sunday, March 21, 2010

So, yeaaaaaahhh, the time before we start having some actual line-up announcements to make can get to be a bit awkward and tedious, we know. Thanks for being patient! To pass the time, and ease with the excessive nail biting, label peeling, cigarette smoking and uh, squirming around, we've decided to offer you the following wonderful and excellent piece of Cinema Missoula-te: welcome to Snakes, a music video for the Missoula band Volumen, directed by Missoula animator, film-maker and one-time Totalist (Humpy, 2005?, yep, same guy) and all-round oft-seen-lending a hand behind the scenes with various wordsmithery, heavy lifting and general improvements, Andy Smetanka. That laundry list doesn't really start to do justice to Andy's quality of craft.

While Smetanka's stuff's only starting to get the notice it deserves (Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg, Big Sky Doc. Film Fest), it's beautiful and deserves a larger audience. You can help! This is an early work, and if you like it, use Youtube's search engine and check out his Le Force Le Wizard video, and the tons of other excellent pieces out there. The Volumen song's from their Wantage debut, Cries From Space. Smetanka, like many Missoulians, has been at every Total Fest since we started. He's housed bands, played music, covered TF in the Indy, and most recently, debuted a super 8 film documenting the barbecue and river scenes of Total Fest. This piece of work should be up on the intro-net real soon, and expect to see a notice here when it is. Thank you, carry on.

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