Friday, October 25, 2013


Hey, you pseudo sumo wrestlers, who's stoked to go to the Bauhaus Montana show at the Palace tomorrow? We are. It's gonna fucking rule, that's why! Seriously, one-night only, a long-rehearsed tribute show to the 1979-1983 period of Bauhaus by Volumen/Humpy/JuvenilesMagpies/Skin Flowers/Capricorn Vertical Slum/Shahs members.

Total Fest's own organizator Colin Johnson beatin' skins, Hank D. and Dave P. guitarring, Shane Hickey bassing and Jon Richter singing. It gives a new meaning to the played out words "supergroup" when musicians who care as much about this group come together for one night to pay tribute to it. They've put in a ton of work learning something like 36 songs and you know, dress goth, bro. Or don't.   $5. 21+. Saturday, October 26.

Harteis is more the goth (Vanek writing), but I'm always up for learning and honestly, my appreciation for the depressive arts has only increased since seeing the Funeral and the Twilight in August.

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