Sunday, October 6, 2013


We just witnessed mind breakingly berzerker-tight and minor as hell metal from the righteous bros of Lord Dying. By god. That was some wild, wild, wild rock and roll. They had to put a bunch of extra effort in to make it to the show because their van's transmission died in the wilds of eastern Montana. Lord Dying is the roughly three year old band fronted by Erik Olso and Chris Evans, who were in Le Force and Portals, and Don Capuano who did some time in both Black Elk and Wadsworth. As solid a pedigree as you'll find these days...

But talk about just soldiering onward, they rented a van and handled the adversity like some weathered-ass pros. If you're one of those jaded types who thinks metal might have started and ended with Tom Araya or Tom Warrior or something, man, update your software because LORD DYING were just as brutal and great as you'd ever want. I left without an LP because I was concerned on my bike it might be bent up. I'm ordering one Monday. Thanks dudes.


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