Monday, August 4, 2014


such gnar. very core.
Billings duderuses Megagiant are here, just in time to crush Total Fest!

And by crush, I mean, like, play power-pop and be genial and goofy, 'cause that's just how these dudes (Nels, Austin, Kelly and Caleb) roll. As I said elsewhere: "Megagiant's new album, Today (And Every Day), recorded in Missoula at Club Shmed, features fittingly big-ass power chords and butt-kicking riffy numbers, with a vibe that reminds me of Weezer. There's no Rivers Cuomo-style obnoxiousness here, though, since Megagiant has the benefit of La Croix's poppy vocals, which fans of Noise will recall fondly."

 I sort of wish these dudes would ditch Billings and play here more often. But it's okay--Billings probably needs them more, whether anyone there appreciates 'em or not. (KW)

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