Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Self-described "gloomy analog garbage" seems a pretty simple (and apt) description of what Seattle's VHS throws together but you gotta listen harder, buddy. There is some serious depth at play here, some love for TRV CVLT 80's goth, an equal measure of straight up TRV PVNK that finds a goddamn happy home with these ears. Think The Wipers or The Adverts or that Golden Time when punk was just becoming "post" and that label wasn't covered in a thick layer of music-writer bullshit (kettle, black, I know). 

Art-damaged and loving it, VHS (which stands for Violent Human System) have put out a handful of incredible cassettes. They're shamelessly just like you, poor as all hell, total dirt bags with hearts of piss-colored-gold. Before your Tinnitus completely overcomes you, before you've graduated to Respectable Adult, remember that paranoia and making-rent-anxiety can be the difference between screwing around and some of the greatest punk rock this side of the divide. 

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