Thursday, June 18, 2015


Music can be a hell of a lot of things, but as far as opening doors to another plane of consciousness? That's the kind of description I'd generally throw at the feet of some Yanni lookalike with a pan flute, not the heavily stylized mostly-just-drums duo Hot Victory. In reading their own description: "Hot Victory has created an all-enveloping cybernetic structure of electroacoustic music powered by a relentless human pulse, opening portals deep into the hybrid mind and exposing the warped mathematics to their own theory of everything, transporting you to innerspace as much as it will to outerspace with its sci-fi vision of the future where man still controls the machines, where humanity still shines through a techno-trash society" it's hard to know if they're playing this tongue firmly in cheek or if they actually believe 100% in what they're about. I don't really care. This sounds like a cross between a Krautrock band and a Gamelan orchestra. I like both of those things. I like Hot Victory.
I guess you better prepare to lose your Total Mind, people. Hot Victory is playing Total Fest XIV. 

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