Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Be Helds: A Jangly Garage-Pop Explosion

As they were one of my absolute favorite bands to play in Missoula, I was pretty bummed when I learned that The Be Helds were venturing out of our little mountain hamlet for the greener pastures of Austin, TX. First seeing them at the Top Hat (opening for another MSLA favorite and TotalFest IX veterans Rooster Sauce) I was blown away by the uncomplicated, infectious energy that the garage rock duo brought to the stage. I don't do this often--especially with local bands-- but after dancing through their whole set, I immediately walked over the to merch table and plopped down a measly $10 for their LP, Vol. 1.

With their multi-layered, yet decided lo-fi sound, The Be Helds exemplify everything garage rock is supposed to be about. Jordon Lybeck's simple bass-snare-tambourine beats are the perfect backbone to Ralston Coorough's retro inspired jangly, fuzzed out guitars while both halves of the duo contribute to the rowdy, riotous vocal harmonies that really tie the band's slightly out-of-focus pop melodies together.

If it weren't enough that they make such terrific music, Lybeck and Coorough are also two of the nicest young gentlemen around, and both seasoned Totalfest veterans as spectators. But for Totalfest XI, we're really really excited to welcome them back to Missoula as performers.


Anonymous said...

Love The Be Helds! Scabies and all!

Anonymous said...

they get around round get around