Monday, May 28, 2012

Call us, or just me if you want, hopelessly nostalgic or whatever, but man there's something about a good, loud guitar band in 2012. Especially those that are totally unconcerned with how new or Ohsees-like their stuff sounds.

Dreamdecay's stuff really reminds me of what I like so much about Vaz and Unwound. Loud, kind of solid state ringy guitar tone, and cold, but human hammering repetition. "Noise rock" gets overused here at Total Fest, but I mean, I think we kind of seek it out, and are also pleasantly surprised when it noise rock, done well, finds us. Like for example with this Seattle group called Dreamdecay who popped out of exactly nowhere, onto all of our highly anticipated groups list. They seem to be playing shows with rad bands like Gun Outfit and Milk Music, and have a pleasantly basic blog. I also hear the Mayyors somewhere in this.

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