Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Little Big Fiction

It's no surprise that we are massive fans of all things sludgy, noisy and abrasive - what with Wantage USA's history of scuzz-heavy rock releases and bands like Hammerhead, Black Elk, Akimbo and others laying waste to Total Fest crowds every year. 

So when Big Fiction's new slab of rumbling thunder, Prison Van, arrived in our mailbox earlier this spring, we were overjoyed at the nascent group's take on an old familiar sound.  These four fellas call Arlington, Texas home, and though they've only been around for a couple years, their blown-out long player caught us off guard, hooking us right from the start. It's loaded with caustic riffing, a pummeling rhythm section and a raw, frenetic energy that harkens back to old Total Fest favorites, yet, carries a youthful punk rock spirit all its own. We're stoked to have them (and their prison van) out to Missoula this August for Total Fest XI - our little celebration of big riffs under a big sky.

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