Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Not to be over dramatic or anything, but for three days the world stopped. Total Fest XI was one helluva great time. From the moment that Thursday's BBQ kicked off at Kiwanis, it was apparent that the weekend would be full of good will, laughs, kick ass music, and ... beer.

This is in no way a summary of the weekend and the overwhelming amount of raditude that happened between Thursday and Saturday (we'll have more of that later, and you can catch Josh Vanek's quick hits below). For now, we only want to extend our undying gratitude to the number of people that made this possible. Seriously, Total Fest would be an empty vessel without all of the amazing people that put their time, effort, money, and artistry in to making this happen each year. If you have photos or anecdotes that you'd like to share, hit us up on Facebook.

Thank you to the following:

The Bands:

Abe Coley, Bacon & Egg, The Be Helds, The Best Westerns, Big Eyes, Brain Tumors, Broken Water, Buddy Jackson, Bugs, Buildings, Cousins, Criminal Code, Dan Deacon, Dikes of Holland, Dreamdecay, The Funeral & The Twilight, Gay Witch Abortion, Guantanamo Baywatch, Harkonen, International Playboys, Iron Lung, King Elephant, Lecherous Gaze, Lozen, The Magpies, MjolniirDXP, Needlecraft, No Fi Soul Rebellion, Rock n Roll Adventure Kids, Sandrider, Sedan, Shane Hickey & His Magical Ukele .. and Jerry, Spencer, Swamp Wolf, Tacocat, Tenement, Tidal Horn, Torche, Unnatural Helpers, VTO, Walls, White Walls

Our Sponsors:

Andrew Kemmis Photography, Astarna Web Development, Betty's Divine, Big Dipper, Biga Pizza, Black Coffee Roasting Co., Boom Swagger, Burns St. Bistro, Ear Candy Music, Edge of the World, Garage Tees, Garden City Lady Arm Wrestlers, Good Food Store, Hell House Sound, Home Resource,, KBGA, Kent Bros., Kettle House, Le Petit Outre, Missoula Copy Center, Missoula Independent,, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Philly West, Piece of Mind, Razorcake Magazine, Selvedge Studio, Shakespeare & Co., Statriot Designs, The Green Light, Zombie Tools
Our Volunteers:
Sophie Bergum, Ted Cook, Emily Denman, Matt Hogan, Travis Ibey, Keith Moore, Scott Moore, Jesi Noe, Katie Oly, Bryan Ramirez, Jazmine Raymond, PJ Rogalski, Charlie Struna, Elisha Thomas, Julie Tompkins, Jon Van Dyke, Kevin Wright, and the Hellgate Rollergirls: Ali Carlson Kelly, Sarah Christenson, Krissy Frost, Andrea Kuehn, Kari Neal, Aimee Miklovic, and Charlie Struna
Our Helping Hands:
Andy Kemis for the fantastic photography. Matt LaRubio and Ryan Mundt for the awesome poster art. Amanda Browder for the mezmerizing Spelunca, and ZCA, Selvedge studio, and all the people who donated t-shirts and came out for the community sew days. Jenn Tachovsy and Greg Twigg for hosting the BBQs, Jason McMackin & Burns St. Bistro Crew, Tom Dailey, Jonathon Richter, and Wes St. John for helping to prepare, transport and sling the food stuffs. Brian Ramirez for organizing the Record Swap, and Jon Thomas for running sound in the hot sun. Last, but not least, all the kind folks who opened their doors to provide housing for the bands.
The Venues:
Chris & the Zoo City Apparel Crew, Nicole & The Top Hat Staff, Shawna & the VFW staff, Charlie and the Big Dipper, and Colin, Tish, Andrew & the Badlander / Palace Staff. Jenny and the Central.
The Organizing Committee:
Lou Beard, Paul Hansbarger, Josh Harteis, Marty Hill, Niki Vanek, Josh Vanek, Colin Johnson, Travis Morss, Greg Ragan, Kevin Sherwood, Erin Sipe, Kari Workman

and, You!  

See you next year.

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