Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As y'all know, we have no shame when it comes to the awesome local businesses that help us with Total Fest. There's a good reason for that, well, lots of good reasons. Black Coffee Roasting Co.'s been in business for a handful of years now, and they've always stepped up with their delicious joe, both hot and iced for our Saturday Record Swap.

And here's the thing: this coffee is f*cking great. Pardon our expletive, you know, but it really is. The AM blend's got a brightness that cuts through a morning fog like a hot knife through errr, butter (and pardon the tired old saw too). They do a good handful of regular blends and roasts, and rotate seasonally all kinds of unique and interesting stuff through. It's organic, and fresh as hell too. I didn't realize what a difference freshness made, until I bought some Yubanese and realized how you have to choke that sh*t down in comparison. You don't need much good coffee, and keeping your dollars in the local economy's a nice thing. We recommend starting with a bag of AM, and getting some Vinyl if you've got an espresso machine, PM if you're a decaffer, and some of the Rwandan if you dig fruitiness. One can't go wrong.

This year, Black Coffee stepped up to the plate with Total Black, Total Fest's own signature dark roast. And they're giving Total Fest cash from each sale, to help cover the various related expenses of doing this thing. Stores of this delicious stuff are starting to dwindle, but there should be some at a couple of their retail spots, which include Total Fest sponsors like the Good Food Store and Le Petit Outre in Missoula. Side note, Matt McQ. co-owner of BCRC plays in Spirit Hole, a good-time Missoula psychedelic group who're playing the August 30th Total Fest Residency at the VFW. Take heed!

Listen to the Black Flag song here. Who knows, maybe it inspired 'em.

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