Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missoula's home to a huge, rad lot of bands. And a lot of 'em play that kind of punk rock that's 4/4, melodic, danceable and from the gut. It reminds me of the stuff a lot of No Idea groups do, and Jawbreaker. Yeah, I'm older, that's my point of reference for melodic punk rock.

Anyhow, Buddy Jackson is a new(erish) group from that scene with dudes (in Timmy and Nick) who've been around for a long time, playing in great groups like Birds Mile Home, Jacktoptown and the Knockoffs. Their third member, Grant, is the drummer, and he's from Bozeman, man. Nuff said. They've toured recently, and kick out a ferocious and fun-as-all-hell live show. And, they wear vests. You can read more about 'em on Kate's Missoula Punk News blog!

Buddy Jackson helps kick things off at the early show, Thursday, August 16th at Zoo City Apparel. The doors for that show open at 5:00 PM and it's guaranteed to fill up fast, so get there early!

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