Saturday, June 8, 2013


Each year Total Fest inundates us with 3 days of bands, various "after-parties", sun, river, beer, records, and BBQs.  The pace is fast and loud.  
run between venues, arms covered with paper wristbands, not thinking about the world beyond music.
On the fourth day I am inevitably exhausted, sore, hung-over, bruised and smelly, but totally satisfied.  However, more often than not I have only dim recollections of the previous three days.  
Thank them.  
Instead of being a human PBR sprinkler or dancing, they watch bands through a tiny camera lens so that later, once the hang-over has lifted, we can relive the energy through their stills.  Tim Goessmann documents the event for its unique mission, attitude, and creative energy. 

"I enjoy photographing people doing what they love. That's what Total Fest is all about. The cool, the strange, the introverted and the outspoken all coming together for three glorious days of chaos and music. I ran from venue to venue photographing all I could in the most honest way I knew. I worked frantically to capture as many bands as possible because I know each and every one of them worked harder to get there. I respect people who take matters into their own hands regardless of the commercial and cultural barriers set before them. The kind of people who would share their art with the world on their own terms, the kind of people that make Total Fest the amazing three days it is. My photographs attempt to capture the excitement of something that's truly Montanan and truly awesome".

I've picked some of my favorite photos of Tim's from last year at Total Fest Xl.



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