Friday, June 21, 2013


faces you can trust!

Long time supporter, awesomely rad person, and Total friend, Carly Henry, has been praising Norska for a few years now, and the stars finally aligned for this year's Total Fest.

The easy context here is to say Aaron Rieseberg (bassist of Yob) plays bass for Norska as well. It's doom sludge. Got it? Ok.

Norska isn't a simple offshoot of Yob, though. They'll both grab you by the throat, but Norska is a little more menacing, a little more monstrous in its execution. Norska's debut LP was released on Brutal Panda last September and its been garnering a solid amount of admiration. Joined by Jim Lowder, Dustin Rieseberg, and Jason Oswald, their songs are lumbering and ambitious, bursting with some tantalizing riffs but never feeling overworked or packed with unnecessary filler. A lot is packed in to each song like they're slogging through the entire genre with a razor sharp kitchen knife. It's less of a smörgåsbord of sludge metal elements than it is a well plotted pairing of metal infused power with a primal resonance. It's a strange, yet welcome and fresh decomposition of sound. As a whole, the pacing of the record is stellar, never languishing and ever frothing into an all out assault. Throw in the 13 minute slug fest "They Mostly Come at Night" and you have the makings of one killer record. The guttural and gruff vocals are as relentless as the music, growling and grinding their way deep into your gut (I should have made that an all "g" sentence). 

It's a feast for the senses. Bring your fucking bib!

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