Saturday, June 1, 2013


I love that there's a great noise rock band from Atlanta, Georgia called Hawks. Mostly because I expect Dominique "Nique" Wilkins to be bustin' glass backboards to these tunes, I guess. Or, you know, Spud Webb to be making a beautiful assist as these ugly-ass, self described "pigfuck" (Cosloy's word for Big Black, I think) jams roll out.

Hawks newest Kyle Spence- (Harvey Milk) recorded self-titled 7" comes as close to a middle-1990s a vibe as you're likely to find this side of E. Lansing, Champagne-Urbana, the Trance Syndicate Label or where else... Gabe's Oasis on a Wednesday. We know about them because the excellent Learning Curve (Blind Shake, Seawhores, Gay Witch Abortion, etc. etc.) put out an LP and recommends 'em heavily. Hell, fact is if Nelson or who else, Hanson had ever
opened for Scratch Acid, we'd probably pay a little more attention to figuring their deal out.

But what's their deal, anyway? What's the deal with Hawks? Like the band says on their webpage, it's easy to figure out the influences, just listen for about what, 25 seconds. We hear stuff like Steel Pole Bathtub, and the earlier Mark Shippy stuff. We're convinced, man.

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