Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Dear Rabbit is the one man band of Rence Liam. The music is timeless, his voice bombastic. The lyrics can be sweet, sad and fun. It's hard for me to put into a descriptive phrase, because it is truly unique and beautiful. And he can play the accordion and trumpet at the same time. Highly impressive. 

Dear Rabbit has been on tour for most of the 3 years I've known him. He is the kind of prolific touring musician I wish I could be. He even made the best of it when he got trapped here during our crazy blizzard this winter, playing 6 shows in 5 days.I'm so excited to have Rence join us for Total Fest XIII. I never get sick of seeing him play and always look forward to hearing what new songs he has to share with us.
Fuckin' snow.


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