Sunday, June 15, 2014


The most important thing you need to know about j sherri is; you will want to smoke a blunt and make-out with who ever is around after you see them play. I always do, so come prepared.
j sherri is HOT. I feel almost like a proud aunt announcing their addition to the Total Fest XIII line up. Because Baby, this band has come a long way. They've lost and added members in the last year, rolled with the punches and come out standing solid.
Depending on the night/their mood/the show/who's in the band, they can have a completely different sound. Something I'm not sure they realize is a skill most musicians in our peer group would love to have(I'm projecting).
j sherri isn't afraid to try new things/new songs/new instruments. Even if it's for the 1st time and in front of an audience. For that, I admire their BALLZ.

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