Monday, June 16, 2014


This Friday, Total Fest is presenting a Pre-Blaster event that's a bit different from what we've done in the past. It goes without saying that all shows are "talent shows"--in the most literal sense, individuals displaying their talent--though not the kind of talent shows many of us remember from our grade school days. In the interest of shaking things up, this shindig will be a little closer to the tap-dance, juggling, singing-a-Disney-tune variety. This certainly levels the playing field: anyone and everyone is welcome to participate regardless of whether their talent is musical or not (I will be reciting the collected lyrics of Linkin Park). There will be a panel of "celebrity" judges (no actual celebrities), and loads of excellent prizes (actually excellent prizes, too, including a guitar donated by the one and only Abe Colely, cables from Rattle Snake Cable Company, and more!).

It all gets rolling at the Mill (1301 Scott Street) with registration at 7pm, and the talent show beginning at 8. Don't forget to bring friends and enough talent to share!

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Duane Raider said...

How much time does everyone have?