Thursday, July 2, 2015


There is next to nothing about Missoula's Beatzlevox online. What I know, what I can tell you, is that Beatzlevox may not truly be of this world. I'm speaking sonically, physically, and psychically. Though I'm at a loss for posting some streaming tunes for you people, I wish I could, the bizarro electro-jams Beatzlevox creates are truly untethered by space and time.

What you'll be seeing: a lone individual wearing something akin to a Mardi Gras mask, breathing heavily (or singing) through a vocoder, hands tied to a combination of keyboards and other electronics. Be skeptical, but WANT TO BELIEVE, Beatzlevox will win you over 1,000 fold with what you'll be hearing: space-funk, transdimensional pop plugged through a plethora of pedals, Kraftwerk For a Future Generation . It's a crazy thing, and we're definitely nuts at Total Fest HQ. We love to push the weird and we've found another stellar (literally) example with Beatzlevox. You're gonna love it. We promise.


Anonymous said...

"Kraftwerk For a Future Generation"

Thank fucking god you're ending.

Anonymous said...

Total Fest Organizer said...

ha! Kraftwerk rules. dunno what your problem is, "anonymous."