Thursday, July 2, 2015


When I first sat down to write this, I was telling myself not to just cobble together a list of Dead Bars' accolades and accomplishments. I mean, killer pop-punk just about sells itself, right? Sure, but I'm gonna blurt that list anyways because I don't care what you think a' me, I just want you to like this band:

CJ Frederick (of Total Fest alums Big Eyes) is not only Dead Bars' drummer, he founded the band with other core member John Maiello. CJ also started On The Real Records which though he's not running it anymore, is still going strong. They're signed to No Idea, they're playing the Fest and Pre-Fest in Gainesville, and on top of it all they are some of the biggest DIY promoters in their hometown of Seattle. Pretty damn busy, these guys. Not too busy to tear off some top serious pop-punk though (recorded with TacocaT's Eric Randall):

These tunes are a rolling party. We're lucky because that party is rolling towards Missoula and Total Fest XIV is only the better for it. Get ready, doods. This is gonna be one hell of a weekend.

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