Monday, August 3, 2015


Since they opened their doors, which seems like maybe getting on 6 or so years ago, Black Coffee Roasting Company has generously given Total Fest a pretty significant bunch of cash and coffee. But, fundamentally, I think if you need a reason to drink Black Coffee, you should look no further than the product they offer: that's locally roasted, small-batch, organic coffee. And, I'll go one step further and say Black Coffee took me, a guy who thought of himself as a coffee fan, to a whole new level of enjoyment. Their stuff is simply more fresh, more delicious and more varied than any roaster for miles and miles in any direction.

So, what's going on with them and Total Fest this year? Well, Black Coffee typically does a special roast called Total Black to help celebrate Total Fest. They've done that again this year, and it's on sale currently in Missoula. Also, if you stop into the shop, which is located in Missoula at 525 E. Spruce, and buy a bag of Total Black directly from the source, you have a pretty strong chance of winning a full Total Fest pass in your bag of coffee. They're releasing five of the Total Fest Golden Ticket this week, and the only way you can win one is to pick up Total Black from the source.

That's only happening this week, Monday, August 3rd through Friday, August 7th. You know what to do.

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