Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Seattle band with quite a pedigree, Helms Alee have confirmed for Total Fest VIII. With members of (Total Fest V and VI alumnae) Lozen, and Harkonen (!!) this was a bit of a big deal here at the Total Acres. We think the world of Lozen and secretly have wished for a Harkonen reunion ever since we heard the story (from Early Humans) about the tour they did with a full PA system replacing their injured drummer. Turns out he was able to record himself playing with a broken arm, and engineer the sounds to sufficient volume to work along with the band. Brilliant!

But we're talking about Helms Alee here... So, Hozi from Lozen, Ben from Harkonen and Dana James. Three western Washingtonians who've (quite purposefully) repurposed yesterday's metal in an awesome, spacious way. They've got heavy. they've got melody. They've got space. They've got a fresh way of doing things in the O's. They've also won Jake Stratton's (Bloodhag) Rock and Roll Grudge Match quiz show.

Amazon customers who bought their newest record, Night Terrors (Hydrahead) also bought the new Kylesa and Harvey Milk LPs, dude.

Read an interview with Helms Alee here.