Monday, May 18, 2009


You may know Todd Congelliere from his early '90's
vert skating professional (vert pro, dude. vert pro) past, or his guitar playing and screaming in F.Y.P., or his starting and running of the punk label of the west coast, Recess (congrats on release #100!) or his other band Toys That Kill, or from hanging around and going to house shows in San Pedro, or from the fact that he's a sweet, down-to-earth, awesome dude who'll chat up anybody (and he rereleased all the freakin' Dwarves records!).

But that's not why we've gathered here today, friend. It's because Todd's gone and gotten himself a new band called the
Underground Railroad to Candyland. We had their Bird Roughs CD on the KBGA charts for a while this spring, and I fell in love with the thing. It's got a similar vibe to FYP and Toys That Kill (the guys got a Joey Ramone style nasal quality about his singing) but the overall vibe is a wee bit more surf feeling, sort of more fun and and the record even has a couple of epic, 'verbed out instrumental tunes, and a song about Sudanese super-baller Manut Bol.

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