Friday, May 15, 2009

Former Missoulian Kelly "Gator" Gately's a one man nonstop JamestownNorthdakotafuckinCornKingdaddypowerblast of a guy. He started bands called "Hensquirt" and "Honky Sausage." He led what's still Montana's most widely recognized punk rock export, the Fireballs of Freedom for years. Career highlights include playing to 20,000 screaming Basques in front of a Jumbotron screen and playing with the Stooges and Cramps.

He's still doing the Fireballs of Freedom thing from time to time, when other members' schedules allow, and not to be kept down, the guy's gone and joined an awesome newish group,
Leaders! And, as luck would have it, Leaders have confirmed for Total Fest VIII.

Somewhat less, uh... scuzzadelic compared with some of Kelly's past work, and a bit more of a careening/SK-1 keyboard-powered, stompy punk blowout, Leaders just released a killer handful of songs on one of the most excellent punk labels ever, Regal Select. Regal Select's so O.G. it doesn't appear to have a website. That's what happens when you put out the Puget Power comps, okay? You don't do a web presence. So, ahem, right less about Regal Select, more about Leaders. Their songs say about 1500 times more than these words do, so go head and give Electric Cadaver a spin and report back in 5 minutes.

That is all.

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