Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If Utah were Middle Earth, Le Force's Orc metal would be the soundtrack always playing over the loudspeakers, from Deseret Industries thrift stores, to Maverick gas stations, to the epic sandstone fins of the south and salt flats of the West. It's epic, storytelling stuff, and a hell of a galloping, riffing racket for just two players.

Le Force are vets of Total Fest II, back in 2003, and have been coming to Missoula and Total Fest ever since. They have the rare ability to both conjure comparisons to some of the genre's best (Fucking Champs, Don Caballero) while retaining their own triumpant, uniquely flavored vibe. Among their other accomplishments is being video'd by Total Fest's favorite animator, Andy Smetanka. Oh, and Herb Hogen plays air guitar to 'em. Voila (commence the mind-break):

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