Monday, July 27, 2009

(This from Total Organizer Genna): An eight piece modern Americana outfit, Wartime Blues provides narratives reminiscent of a Steinbeck novel and driving the straight-aways of the Great Plains in an old pickup truck. Featuring haunting cello lines, mandolin, banjo and an occasional saw, these Missoulians tell stories apt to the classic Montana environment. From 24-hour travel plazas and small, tightly knit towns, the Wartime Blues articulate it all.

Continue south on Higgins Avenue and the first shop on the 800 block you'll need to swing by is Rockin' Rudy's Record Heaven. This is the vinyl satellite of the main Rudy's, which is just a skosh further down Higgins on Blaine. Rudy's is the O.G. Missoula record store, and their Record Heaven (821 S. Higgins) has a huge, competitively priced stock. Their world, folk and new release sections run particularly deep. Next door (829 S. Higgins) is Nature Boy, your one-stop store for the new family that wants its landfill footprint to be as light as possible. Nature Boy features all-things nursing, diapering, child carrying, and even features their own line of "Mutha," "Brutha," "Fatha" shirts! Julie and Bryan are looooooong-time Total Fiends. Julie's made our passes for the past 7 years, and Bryan currates the Record Swap! With no storefronts to call home, the fine folks at How's Your Network and Astarna Inc. are no less approachable for your internet needs. Astarna Inc. is a web development company, and Hank and Amy's work can be seen at the site. Incredibly professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful about getting folks the right tool for their needs. How's Your Network is Shane Volumen's business, and he does all things network. Shane's a hell of a guy, and a saavy as hell computer nerd.

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