Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oi Vey--classic street punk at its best! These local boys have been around forever and they keep getting better as if a fine, audio wine. Wicked distorted riffage, throbbing, walking bass, and on-the-spot drum fills with throaty vocals, REPTILE DYSFUNCTION is a fast and furious, (working) class act. A definite throw back to early, safety pin punk, they don't rip off the 77 forefathers like so many other bands do; they are as refreshing as a Pabst stubby at beer-o-clock. REPTILE DYSFUNCTION has an on-stage and musical piss-off attitude that comes natural, unlike the aforementioned identity crisis, work hard to be like so and so "musicians" who only end up looking like d-bags. REPTILE DYSFUNCTION will leave you feeling like you were punched in the a good way. Maximum Rock & Roll loved them, why wouldn't you??--MT

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Anonymous said...

looks like Tim may have just backed into one of the cymbal don't matter he won't miss a beat even when he falls of a stage and keeps playing on his back and even has the wits enough to grab the mic that came down with him and sing the chorus