Friday, July 31, 2009

A raucous teenage trio from Browning, MT. playing their own brand of punk, rock-n-roll, and country to the listener's delight. They are tight but not polished and nor should they be; their energy is too raw to harness. Even at their tender young age, these boys write and play songs that would surprise even the most music-snobbish, thirty-something, intellectual hipsters yet they never let the depth of their material interfere with their passion for high-voltage fun and energy-driven, scathing live shows. As if this wasn't outstanding enough on its own merit, they put mighty good use to the cowbell like any bitchin' band should! GODDAMMITBOYHOWDY will leave you more than aurally satisfied and wishing that you were as cool as they are. Don't miss the shining stars of the Hi-Line or their GODDAMMCOWBELL!!! -MT

Ladies, and perhaps gents, we present for your pleasure... Mr. Justin Lawrence Esq. of Hell House Sound. Justin has been placing microphones and turning knobs for Total Fest since our first, back at Jay's in 2002. He's a professional, an enjoyer of Irish whiskey, and used to play bass for Humpy (and a Texan death metal band called Auschwitz). Recently Justin has broadened his Hell House Sound team to include Matt Swofford (of Mahamawaldi fame) and these two gents will be reason that Total Fest sounds so sweet. Applaud him. Stroke his hair. Stay clear of him when he's going between stage and soundboard!

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Jeff said...

Nice shout out to Justin, dude knows his shit and is easy to work with.

Kudos bro. Whiskey on me.

-Dirty Jeff
WORLD FAMOUS Lamborghiniz Crew