Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You may find it hard to narrow down exactly what Birds Mile Home
sounds like. None have yet been able to staple these guys. This may be one of the greatest factors to their appeal.
Not quite punk, not really alt-country, not folk-punk; yet, definitely a little country, sure enough punk, folk in story-telling, a whole lot of DIY and a deep love for music should put these guys on anyones must see list.

Their country tinged-punk paced songs will sure to inspire the first circle pit hoedown in Missoula with the stories they tell. From tales derived from Sherman Alexie( Family Portrait) to inspiration from The Minutemen (San Pedro Blues) to (Winona) a tale of a trip to Minnesota last fall. Not only will Birds Mile Home inspire all to dance, sing and have fun they will cause you to think too.

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