Sunday, August 2, 2009

(This transmission from Total Organizer Wendy)
Rarely does a band come along who can mix soul-pounding heaviness with trance-inducing melodies. Rebreather is one of those bands. Formed in 1999 in Youngstown OH, Barley, Chad and Steve create a musical dichotomy that is as seamless as breathing. Harmonic riffs give way to screeching guitars as the the rolling bass and driving drumbeats keep everything moving in sync, while the vocals take you on a fantastic voyage to the depths.

One night only alert: Biga Pizza's third Total Feast fundraiser is tonight, Sunday August 2nd! $10 buys you all the Biga pie and salad you should eat, and all the proceeds go to benefitting Total Fest, our bands, and the our all-ages-welcomeness. See you there! (Biga Pizza, 241 W. Main, Missoula)

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