Monday, August 3, 2009

(Transmission from Total Organizer Wendy)
The Limbs is a very unique act, creating a creepy beauty – a refined rawness that can only be accomplished when all members works as one. This band has that down, considering they’ve been working together as a team, whether playing music or not, for quite some time now. Formed in the 70’s (without even realizing it at the time), The Limbs is one of the longest-running acts to play Total Fest . And yet the music has not become stale…. the passion to create together is still fresh. Good thing for head guy John Mazzucco, since this is a one-man band! And The Limbs may be the only one you’ve ever heard that will make it hard to believe that it’s true. That one person can be this coordinated is still amazing to me.

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