Friday, August 7, 2009

(Transmission from Total Organizer Niki)
"Young bucks (and one buckette) playing strummy, Nuggets inspired folk-psych. Rea-al excellent!" I couldn't come up with a more accurate, concise one-liner to describe this band so we'll start there. You might remember The Sherlocks from last year's Total Fest, similarly young and talented, kicking out lengthy psychedelic jams and dreamy lyrics. I always got a 13th Floor vibe from those kids, how I loved them... and how I love The Electric Dandelion. More mature, more psychedelic, more keyboards, less tambourine, ex-Sherlocks and friends continue to do what they do best. Filling a hole in Missoula's music scene with a youthful, yet decades old, psweet psych psound. While I hear comparisons made in local crowds to The Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3 and the Kinks, I'm also reminded of more contemporary favorites, Liverpool's The Stands, Brooklyn's Oneida and Olympia's Nudity. It's good, it's everything.

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