Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hailing from Seattle, WA, The Pharmacy are a lo-fi/psych-pop outfit who aren’t afraid of what that means in today’s musical climate. Or maybe they are. I’m making assumptions here. Point is, their music doesn’t feel like it’s holding back.

It's authentic. It's fun. And it feels good. Production bells and whistles take a back seat to quality songwriting and strong musicianship. And yeah, there is a firm foot placed in past popular music, but with a musical ambition that gets us excited.

Having just completed a U.S. tour with another group of TF vets, Japanther, and building up to the release of another LP, "Stoned & Alone," we are pleased to present The Pharmacy to you once again.

THE PHARMACY - DIG YOUR GRAVE (MUSIC VIDEO) from brendhan bowers on Vimeo.

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