Saturday, July 28, 2012

Zombie Tools: Protecting TotalFest from legions of the undead...

For the past few months, we here at TotalFest HQ have been shining a spotlight on each and every band slated for TF XI. But without our sponsors, there’s no way we could bring all of those bands to a beautiful little valley. One of our most generous sponsors is also a totally original, totally bad ass, totally Missoula business, and we’re really happy to have them on board.

Have you ever wondered what you’re going to need to survive (for a while, at least) when that zombie apocalypse actually comes to fruition? I bet somewhere near the top of that list is some sort of sword or blade. Right? Of course. Well if you’re in the market for some serious steel to get you to your safe zone, look no farther than Zombie Tools.

Started in 2007 by two friends who shared a love of swordplay and horror movies, Zombie Tools has quickly become the go-to source for serious undead repelling blades. Don’t believe me? Look what they can do to twenty-four 16oz PBR cans.


You can check out the entire Zombie Tools catalog at here.

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