Saturday, July 28, 2012



I just bought a leotard.  I will be wearing it to Total Fest this year.  Why?  Because TacocaT is coming!
Oh-Nine was the year I fell in love with TacocaT.  I remember ***ing a little as we listened to their submission, most of the songs from Shame Spiral I believe.   I found myself listening to lyrics about Toxic Shock Syndrome and songs titled “Hey, Kids, It’s a Basement”.   Not since Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer had I been so ready to outrageously color my hair and dance to party pop.  I was stoked.  And here I am again, it’s 2012, and I am still ******* my pants to see them on stage at Total Fest XI. 
Emily Nokes, Lelah Maupin, Bree McKenna, and Eric Randall put the fur and spice in TacocaT. They recently released a grande EP “Take Me To Your Dealer” on Hardly Art and have just finished their east coast summer tour.  Now these kitties are headed back out west for Seattle’s Pizza Fest and Total Fest XI!  “Take Me To Your Dealer EP” includes my new favorite song “Cat Fancy”(if only because the sound quality is better than “Leotard” on Shame Spiral).  It is built upon simple poppy chords, yeah yeahs and filled with giddy excitement for receiving the best cat magazine in the mail once a month.  When I heard this song it was as if I was surfing out to my mailbox in filled with anticipation to see the August Cat Fancy centerfold. 
Now, I know it is hip to love cats and sing like a 21st Century Beach Boy, but TacocaT sets themselves above all of those trendy bands hopping into an instamatic photoshoot with a bunch of kittens and bearded men.  I love the attitude that TacocaT is able to convey through silly songs about weed and female troubles.  I would fight anyone who thought TacocaT took themselves too seriously.

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