Monday, July 30, 2012

Total Cave!

TOTALFEST would give you the shirt off our back; will you do the same for us?
You know you have 'em... those stacks of rock tee shirts; heaped up in the corner, stuffed into a drawer, collecting dust in neat piles on a shelf.  Maybe there's a boxful of XXL's in your basement leftover from that last tour.

Their time has come.  Those shirts have a higher calling.

TOTALFEST 11 will feature a large scale installation by Missoula-born artist Amanda Browder .

Calamity Jane (2007)

Like all things TOTALFEST, it will be EPIC, and we need you to make it happen.  We need your dusty old shirts and lots of them.  It will be worth it.  And you won't have to haul that box next time you move.

Drop-off locations in Missoula are:
  Zoo City Apparel
  Selvedge Studio.

Out of towners can mail their shirts (by August 10th) directly to:
 Amanda Browder
 99 Java #3
 Brooklyn, NY 11222.
Additionally you can drop off shirts at Total Feast August 05, 2012 at Biga Pizza and the ZACC  on August 10, 2012

1 comment:

Julie said...

Could I please have the Dirtbombs and Trux tees? I'll trade you for Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid Kids.