Sunday, May 18, 2014


Ok. Honestly, I don't want to play favorites, but I'm about to. Greco is one of the performances I'm most excited to see at Total Fest this year. Greco is the solo synth-pop project of Flagstaff, AZ music legend, Chris Greco. When we met, he was concerned I didn't get what he was going for. 
Trust me Greco, I get it. I really get it.
His album, Denim Don't Dry, is what kept me pumped our entire tour last year. Anytime we were stuck in traffic, it was an unspoken rule that we would listen to, and sing along with Greco. From the first time I heard my favorite track, uhh, I knew I had to get Greco to Missoula.
If you're into people who are into themselves, this is a band you'll love. If I've ever given you a ride, chances are, we've listened to this.
   -Mikki 'internet' Lunda

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