Friday, May 16, 2014


This is a great 3 piece rock band from Portland, OR. I'm stoked to see them play Total Fest! I love their fun vibe and classic 90's garage sound. 
   This band is awesome live. They look like people who wouldn't even hang out if they weren't on a stage together. John Barnaby on bass/vocals looks like he's ready to party at the gravel pit in 1987, Thomascine Ryther on guitar/vocals would be at home behind the counter of an independent book store, but then straight up freakin shreds. And then there's Kyle Beckman on drums. I don't know why I have this fantasy backstory for him, but every time I see him I pretend he just came from MMA practice in a warehouse down by the docks.           
 Manx released their self titled album in 2011. It makes me want to drive around at sunset with all the windows down. The last time I listened to it, Bad Naked described it as " this is fucking music." That about sums it up.

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