Sunday, May 11, 2014


Oh man, you guys. SHANNON & THE CLAMS are playing Total Fest XIII. It's real, it's happening and I can't wait. We're so excited to welcome these rocking Total Fest XI veterans back to Missoula. If you've never seen this band play, you seriously need to. They're proficient musicians, have great energy and wear costumes. What's not to like? If you can make it through the set without being pulled into their enthusiasm or the energy of the crowd, you might be a robot.

Musically, Shannon & the Clams hits on garage, soul, doo wop and pop. The band is comprised of Shannon Shaw, a bombshell on bass and lead vocals. Cody Blanchard, who I'm consistently impressed at his ability to play sweet surf riffs while wearing that tight of jacket and highly buttoned collar and Nate Mahan, until recently I thought his last name was 'Mayhem' and it fit after seeing him on drums. 

Let me put it this way; I've never even considered writing a blog post before and this doesn't feel weird because it's about a band I'm stoked to see.

— Mikki "internet" Lunda

Check out more info and find downloadable tracks for Shannon and the Clams here.

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